200+ Latest Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

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Best Happy Birthday Sister Quotes

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

I do not usually remember birthdays, but yours is stuck in my mind. CONGRATULATIONS on sister! I hope you enjoy your day off and go to celebrate with your friends one more year of your life.

A sister like you is not found every day. Beautiful, intelligent, understanding, loving, you have everything and I feel very lucky to be your brother. Many congratulations, sister, I hope you enjoy the surprises that we have organized with such affection. We love you!

One more year is gone and another new one arrives. I wish with all my heart that this next year is better than the previous one and that you know how to enjoy life more. Remember that you always have to make the most of your time, that we only have one life and it flies! Happy Birthday.

We can choose our friends, but we can not choose our brothers. I thank God for sending me a sister like you. You are incomparable and incomparable. I love you very much and I have to thank you for my whole life. Congratulations, you are the best person I know.

Being the elder brother of a girl like you has been very easy and I’m glad. Thanks to you I have discovered the true meaning of love because, dear sister, I love you very much, more than I thought. I wish you a very happy birthday.

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A sister like you deserves a very expensive gift, but I’m sorry to tell you that I do not have enough money for him. Happy Birthday!

Thank you very much for being with me year after year, for taking care of me and for helping me with all my problems. I thank you from my heart, sister, and I wish you to be very happy today and always. Happy Birthday.

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

On this day full of sweetness for you my sister
A Francine that I love with all my heart
I wish you a happy feast with full of happiness

Happy birthday to my darling sister
A wonderful person, the kindest of girls
All my respect my affection go in your direction
*Your little brother who loves you”

Latest Happy Birthday to My Sister Message

happy birthday to my sister message

My beloved and favorite sister get this sweet message of friendship.
Respectful and sincere fraternal words who wish you a happy birthday party.

May this special day, which celebrates the day of your birth,
Fill you with joy and bring you luck.

I wish you a beautiful sunny day the sum of true love and friendship.

Your big brother who thinks of you.
I kiss you affectionately.

Birthday Status for Sister in 2019

happy birthday to my sister message

Between a brother and a sister
The feeling is sweet.
Between brothers and sisters
The relationship comes from the heart…

Happy birthday to you bright brother!
My birthday wishes to you
Are greetings as sweet as silk!
I wish you the best and the happy life.

“Your little brother who loves you so much.
Fraternal greetings.”

My Favorite Birthday Poems for Sister

happy birthday to my sister message

“Poem birthday sister”
The love of a sister is a treasure of great value
The fraternal bonds are a gift from heaven.
On this special day, I think of you, my dear sister.
You are a wonderful woman and so beautiful.

May this day of celebration bring you joy and success.
My love and good health in your heart be invited.
My darling sister, you are such an authentic person
A so nice girl, a wonderful friend.

Happy birthday to my dear sister!
Your goodness makes you deserve the best.
I wish you a garden filled with friendship flowers.
I wish you a sky filled with stars and prosperity.

I shared your laughter and your tears.
You’re from my family, my soul mate.
You have known my joys and sorrows.
You’re my guardian angel, a queen.

I offer you my best birthday wishes.
Wishes of lights, my sincere love.
Happy birthday to my sister of love!

I love you with respect and without detours!

Kisses of your little brother who loves you!

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

In this day so special.
A day celebrating the birth of a unique person.
A great lady, funny, smart and beautiful!
I want to honor this great girl.

This Beautiful woman to a year more today.
A year more for this beautiful soul, this beautiful friend.

Happy birthday, my sister
I send a thousand sweets to your little heart!
Loving thoughts,
energy so that you are happy.

I love you from all my heart, my lovely sister!
receive my best wishes made of sweetness…

May your days to come be only joy and love!
May the master of the times always protect you!
You are from my family, you are essential to my life.
Best wishes of happiness, I love you to infinity…

your little brother who is burning you very hard…

Happy Birthday to My Sister Message

happy birthday to my sister message

My dear sister,

Today is the beautiful day of your beloved sis birthday!
This day reminds me of the importance of saying one’s love to those who count for oneself.
And you, you are of those in my existence.
The love between two sisters is an essential reference point in existence.
This brotherly love makes you stronger and remains a safe mark in difficult moments as well as moments of joy

Together we went through so many trials.
with courage and fidelity, we have been a support for each other.
Beautiful solidarity between sisters.
Complicity at any time.
Our favorite songs, our crazy dances…
Our nonsense without malice!
The love of our beloved parents.
When I think of you, our childhood together, the beautiful memories flood my head.
Beautiful thoughts inscribed forever in our hearts of sisters!

I keep in mind, all these times together.
All these family moments, family celebrations, birthdays…
You are part of my family, my family history.

It is with all this nostalgia and esteem that I have of you, that I send you my birthday wishes.

I wish you get all the happiness of the world.
I want you to be always happy.
I wish you successful family life.
A kind intentioned husband, adorable children.
I wish you professional success.
I wish you a happy life and very beautiful.

Kisses of your sister who loves you.

Birthday Status for Sister

happy birthday to my sister message

A family, brothers, and sisters, are like the fingers of one hand.
Each finger has its function and participates in the balance of the hand.
if one finger is injured, the pain is felt by the other limbs.

Proverb Sister and Brother

Between a sister and a brother must reside all the tenderness of the world.
Their relationship is the source of all future relationships.

Beautiful phrases about Siblings

The love between a brother and a sister is a journey to the land of plural emotions.
Fraternal bonds are made of complex feelings that prepare the child for real life.

Birthday Card Wishes for Sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes

Beautiful phrases and a short birthday message to write on a beautiful birthday card to show your love to beloved Sister.

Have a nice sunny day!

Happy birthday party to you
That special day is an only joy!
You are from my family, my story.
I send you my best wishes!
In order to wish you the most beautiful destiny.
Sincere words to move you …
And to tell you that I love you and think of you.
May life be generous with you.

Best wishes for happiness and good health.
I wish you great prosperity and serenity.

Respectfully and tenderly.

Birthday Messages for Sister Status

To wish a happy birthday to her twin sister is a little wish for a good party to oneself …

My darling twin sister,
You’ve been my beautiful accomplice since my very first days.
We shared so many things together:

our first steps, our first words, our nonsense and our laughter…

And even our birthdays.

My twin sister of love knows that my best birthday present is you.
You are my little sister and my big sister at the same time!
A friend, a companion until the end of time!

Happy birthday my half I love …
Tenderness to my little sister love I miss!

Kisses of your twin sister (of your twin brother) who thinks of

you all the time and even more on this special day for us.

Happy Birthday Big Sister Quotes

On this day of happiness
For you my dear sister

Who is beautiful like a flower
I wish you with all my heart

Happy Birthday
With a great party

Lovely Birthday Quotes for Sister

These few words are addressed
to you To transmit to you my friendship

And wish you
my beloved sister

A wonderful birthday
that deserves to be extraordinary

Sweet Birthday Status for Sister

My tender and sweet sister
That I love with all my heart

I thank you for being so authentic
And wish you a wonderful day for your party

Beloved Status for Sister

The fraternity of a sister
Represents more than a glow

Your brightness dazzles me
Your smile rejoices me

In my arms I hold
you To wish you a happy birthday

A growing sister
It’s like a shrub blooming

For your party today
Thoughts I picked

Happy Birthday Wishes to My Lovely Sister

You are unique and funny
And that without role play

Together we went through a lot of hardships
From courage we showed

With joy and love
May your birthday be a great day

One year more!
Champagne or Rimus?

Sister from the first day …
Memories forever!

Happy birthday
To you, let’s raise our glass!

To my adorable sister
Who has always opened my heart

To testify my wishes as
I please I have prepared a surprise

To see more clearly
Open your birthday present

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes


Over the years
Our exchanges are saddened and cheered

Our paths are different
But our hearts are tightening

For your birthday and forever
I send you thousands of love rays

There is no plumage
To fully live his age

If your wings are embellished
It’s proof that your spring blossoms

Know that I have always carried you in my heart
That your birthday and your daily life are filled with happiness

On this birthday
I write these few verses

To send my fondest thoughts to
my beloved sister

Birthday Wishes for Sister Quotes


Messages, images
Laughter, crying and sharing

All these moments crossed
Together we faced them

To you my sister so wonderful
May your birthday be remembered

A sister is like a heart
That fills with happiness

A birthday is like a memory
That fills memories with drawers

Greetings are like words
That are soaked with tender and beautiful wishes

Nice, sweet and pretty
You are full of life

That this complicity between sisters
remains engraved for life in our mores

For your party I would love
your favorite songs

Dynamism malice and goodness
These are your qualities

What I appreciate about you
Who has every meeting me emo

For you my dear sister
A wonderful holiday I wish you

Cute Message for Lovely Sister on her Birthday

My sister, you who loved me so much, you who gave me so much
I offer you this day a whole thought
You are the sister I dreamed, you are my other half
Today and forever I t ‘you will love
More than a friend, more than a family member
I will give you my life without mercy
I will always be by your side
And I will never forget you
You are a unique person, you are my great happiness
My life without you would be pure misfortune
And for this day of your birthday
I offer you the most beautiful flowers
With a thousand scents

Birthday Message for My Eldest Sister

A more prosperous life and all the best
It’s my wish for your birthday
Health and happiness
These few wishes to perfect
This day full of mystery

You are a gift from heaven
You’re my essential
You are my true friend
And with you, each time I smile
Even in the worst moments
You take away my torments
You never miss the opportunities
To make me feel good at all times
On this day special
I want to wish you
with a gesture a little mundane
So many wishes so true

Love from Brother to Sister Status

My sister, you occupy a very special place in my life
And without you, I’ll be dizzy
For that, I say a thousand thanks
And for this day of celebration
I feel a little silly
For not finding the perfect wishes
To wish you life very successful

I wish you with all my heart
A life full of happiness Full of joy
And love at the same time.
May this day be so special
That every moment is as great as
the smile makes up your face
That the light dissipates your clouds

In your years of existence A
thousand good wishes for
your years to come A
thousand wishes for smiles
Be happy, far from misfortune
become strong, far from pain
Have patient, far from regrets
Either yourself and respect


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