100+ Most Romantic love quotes for wife you should know

If you’re searching for “love quotes for wife” I hope that you’ve not forgotten her birthday or your anniversary! Because sending a Romantic love quotes won’t help you out to get her out of her Maa Kaali Avatar. But if you’d like not to send a boring “good morning sweetheart good evening sweetheart” messages, you are on the right path to search for the cute and unforgettable words you can send to your loving wife which she would cherish virtually and when you finally meet her after your long hours of office, she would welcome you in your home with a wide beaming smile remembering the message you sent to her while being in office.

Marriage is not a one-time affair. It is the life-long bond which you will share with your other half (till death do us apart, remember?). Being in this husband-wife relationship, couples often forget how special their bonds are. Although you often show your love through duties and care, people often forget to express this affection verbally.” love quotes for wife from husband “.

love quotes for wife in english

Words matter. With women, WORDS MATTER THE MOST. You cannot just say ‘ I bought this gift for you; I bought that gift for you’ you need to express your love through words itself like “hey love, I couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day to gift this to you, as every day is my Valentine’s Day just because of you”.Moreover, the love in your relationship will gradually increase if you express it verbally.

The good morning good evening message you send to your loved ones only work as if you’ve not forgotten them. The “romantic love quotes for her” will help you in getting their attention to your message, realizing them that you have put efforts to message you in your busy schedule and also with this loving response!

We’ve compiled hundreds of “Romantic Love messages for wife” you can use to send it to your wife, making her realize how much you love her. And remember, Love is not buying her expensive gifts and not forgetting her birthday, Love is how much you express your affection to her even though she is already in your life.

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100+ Most Romantic love quotes for wife you should know

love quotes for wife


So many hearts are on earth, so many souls love you,
but of all these many hearts, none loves you like me.


How long an hour can be, I learn when I expect you. How wide a bed can be, I learn when I miss you. How close I can be, I experience when you are with me.


For you, I would like to paint a castle in the air and pay no rent in it, and then wait 1000 years in the rose garden!


When two small raindrops softly knock on your window, think quietly of me, that’s a sweet kiss for you!


For a kiss on the lips, you need 12 muscles, for a kiss on the tongue even 17 muscles. So honey, let’s train!


Only once do I want to touch you, only feel your lips once, just lie in your arms once to wish that it will not stay with the one time.


This SMS costs me 12 cents, 2 minutes to type in, 32 seconds because I’ve made a mistake, four seconds to send and all just to tell you how much I like you.


Loving does not mean looking each other in the eye – but looking together in the same direction!

Romantic love quotes for wife

You’re so hot. Luckily I’m not an ice cube. Otherwise, there would only be a wet spot on the stool.


Only once I want to touch you – only once feel your lips – only once in your arms – only once sink into your eyes.


When I’m with you, I forget all worries. A feeling of happiness flows through my heart; it counts the now and not the morning.


You are for me the ace of aces. You are simply a super class. And without you, my life would be empty – which means, I Love you!


I am very happy that you exist in my life and in a thousand years I want to tell you: “I love you!”


The kiss is a cleverly invented method of stopping talking when words are redundant.


Since I know you, I feel connected to you. Through you, I have found love. Open me, let her in, now she’s mine forever.


Best Romantic Love Quotes On Wife 

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When two hearts beat each other, and you stick together, even the hardest is easy to carry, and twice as beautiful is this world.


You are as sweet as the honey of the bees you are as crisp as the crisp bread from the baker you are as unique as today!


I would love to snuggle with my sweetheart now, wallowing in your hair,
Caress and kiss you, but all I have right now is my soft pillow.


The big earth turns day and night quietly in circles. But my little world is always about you!


I already saw rainbows in their entire splendor — the big wide universe in a starry night. I saw sunsets where you cry, but never a face as beautiful as yours.


My little mouse is you, so close your eyes now. I want to give you something. My heart!!! It says you should think of me.


You are as beautiful as a rose! But the beauty of a rose is transient, but yours is eternal!


I tried not to think about you, not to talk about you … That was the longest second of my life!


Your voice is like a melody, your laugh better than my imagination, your eyes brighter than the sunshine, my heart is yours forever. I love my Wife


love quotes for wife from husband

My heart only beats because a thought that shapes me, carrying you in my heart, so moves my little heart.


I want to float in the sky with you, spend a whole day with you, just miss the school and dream with you! I love you!


As long as the fire burns up, as long as the water runs downwards, as long as the juice of the vine flows in, you shall be my dearest to me.


The beginning of love is like opening a book whose pages are still white and empty. It’s waiting to be filled with stories that last forever.


Two stars in the sky, they shine because one cannot live without the other. They say to each other: I love you. One is you, the other me.


You are the star I think of. You are the star I give away to myself. You are the star of confidence. Which means: I love you!


Do you have sorrow? Are you worried? Should I borrow you my smile? Have fun, bring you luck, give it back sometime!


Beautiful “love quotes for her”

quotes about wife and husband relationship



If something in my chest bounces like crazy and drives me completely out of my mind, then I guess in a nutshell, the reason for that is you.


Your eyes light up so I can only think of you. That’s why I hope you understand me when I say, “I love you”!


I love you from the heart and without pain – but with a thousand beautiful butterflies in my stomach, and that feels damn good.


There is one, this one sentence made for you. I love you so much, honey, because you are the very best.


When I look you in the eye and see a glint in it, take your hand and stand very close to you then I know: You are the right person for me!


If the birds are already singing from the rooftops, believe me, they only do it for you! Because they know about me: I love you!


A love arrow is in my chest. And he causes great desire! Or is it just frustration? Because I can only be happy when you are completely mine.


In the morning, when the sky lights up and the dew falls off the leaves, I have to think of you and give my heart to you.

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In the morning, when the sky lights up and the dew falls off the leaves, I have to think of you and give my heart to you.


Sometimes we cannot understand each other; sometimes we do not want to see each other anymore. But after every fight, we are happy to be together again!


Hello, my sunshine, I only love you alone and always want to be happy with you.


Love is sometimes the saddest, often the most beautiful, but always the most important thing in life.


Love means finding oneself in the other and then growing together.


Thousands of kisses just for you, but one for me too!


Honey, so you do not forget how to kiss others, come to me, I’ll show it to you!


I need you because I love you and I love you because I need you!


I love you about everything, feel safe with you, like me too, I have no worries!

romantic love quotes for wife

I love you about everything, feel safe with you, if that is also the case with you, I have no worries!


True love opens its arms and closes its eyes.


I’ll wait for you forever, shall I tell you why? Because I do not want another one.


As soon as I pick up my smartphone, the first thing I do is write you a message.


I am glad that you are not an angel. Not that you still fly away from me.


Should I tell you something? For me, you shine brighter than the sun!


Beauty does not decide who we love, but love determines who we think is beautiful.


short love quotes for her

Whatsapp Status for wife

I’m not perfect without you.


Only together we are complete.


In my life, you play the main role.


Through your love, I know what it means to trust truly.


Thanks to you, my heart is smiling.


You keep me alive.


Since I know you, my life is different.


New love is like a blank book: it’s waiting to be filled with stories.


I feel lost without you.


husband quotes to wife

You’re the reason my life is upside down.


My world revolves around you, and my heart beats only for you my sweet beloved.


Your love is all I need to feel complete.


Come live in my heart and pay no rent.


You are the answer to my most beautiful dreams, and I love you so much.


There is nothing in this world as beautiful as my wife. I love you !!


My love for you is infinite, it will never end, you are, and you will be the only certainty of my life.


I dedicate me every breath to my wife, the woman the most beautiful and sweet woman in the world.


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Marital life is better than single life just because I have a beautiful wife like you.


There are not enough sentences to tell you what I really feel for you, and I love you, my wife!


You are not only the mother of my children but also the reason that makes my heart throb.


You have the key to my heart, and you are the woman of my dreams.


Being married to you has literally saved me, you are my lifeline, I love you so much, my beautiful wife.


Every time my wife smiles the whole world becomes a big rainbow. You are my happiness.


I will never stop telling you I love you because you are the woman, mother, and wife of my life.


A real couple can lose the passion, but not the desire to laugh together.


love quotes for wife from husband

husband quotes to wife

We were together, and I forgot all the rest of the time.


We were a perfect couple until we knew that “couple” means two and not five or six.


Being a couple does not mean not having problems, but knowing how to deal with them together.


The couple is by definition a group of three people, one of which is temporarily absent.


The couple means a man who lives a woman, a woman who lives a man.


What are the couple problems? If there are problems, there is no couple.


To get married you need to have witnesses, like a duel or an accident.


A happy couple is nothing but a partnership between two sick people of the same disease.


The secret of the perfect couple? To be similar in merits and to differentiate in defects.

Love Messages for Wife

beautiful love quotes for her

With all my heart I wish to have a life together with you. But if you were to give me only one hour, I would still think of you forever.


3 roses I send you: The 1st is for the welfare of the 2nd for goodbye, the 3rd but quietly speaks: I love you! Do not forget that!


That I love you is not a saying. I do not just have that from a book. You are my everything, for a long time. You are my angel for eternity.


Believe me, and it’s not a joke. You own all my heart. I put it in your hand. This makes me completely yours.


One look says more than 100 words. I do not ask that you waste many on me. I just need a look that says, “I love you!”


Whenever your name illuminates my display, my heart beats with joy, and the butterflies fly in my belly, then I know, I’ll always love you!


I am completely obsessed with you. Everything is dark without you. Only when you come, it gets brighter, and my pulse beats faster.


You are the sun for me, and you are the bliss for me, you are for me the happiness of the world, I hope you like it.


I want to be your bedding, and then I always fell asleep with you. I would wrap myself around you very tenderly and fill your sleep with dreams.


No one has your voice, and no one laughs like you, no one is like you, nobody, because you are unique.

Best I Love My Husband Quotes

You are not only my wife: you are the hope, the light that illuminates my days, you are my life, you are my everything, I love you, my dear wife.


We will be happy, or we will be sad, what does it matter? We will be next to each other. And this must be, this is essential.


Among the noises of the crowd, there are the two of us, happy to be together, talking little, maybe not even a word.


One studies three weeks, one loves three months, one loses three years, one is tolerated for thirty years, and the children begin again.


A couple can lose the passion. It can also lose the desire.
But if you lose the ability to laugh together is the end.


The couples leave themselves or remain together for mysterious reasons, perhaps because the same man who so often exasperates you, however, manages to make you laugh.


Let’s agree on the meaning of the word “we,” which for a woman means “you and me”, for a man ” my friends and me”.


The happy couple who recognize themselves in love challenges the universe and time; it is sufficient to itself, it realizes the absolute.


To belong to someone means to enter with his own idea in the idea of him or her and make a sigh of happiness.


Man and woman are born to love each other, but not to live together. The famous lovers of history have always lived separately.


Even the story of the first couple in the world, Adam and Eve, has to do with separation: in this case from the Earthly Paradise.


It is common folly of happy couples not wanting to have secrets for each other; this leads to a lot of disappointments.

Miss You Quotes for wife

quotes about wife and husband relationship

My place next to me in bed is cold and empty. I want to touch you now, to feel you very close. I miss you too much.


Nearby in the distance, a small heart thinks about you, loves you and loves you, does yours feel about me too?


I want to kiss you every day and never have to miss you again. Touch you and seduce you. You are far from me, but so close. I love you, it’s true.


I want to see you, always kiss you and not always miss you as before. But if you have to go into the distance again, I still like you.


I do not want to stop kissing you because I will miss you so much. My heart is alone now, and for a while, I will be lonely.


I’m on my way home and have the feeling that I forgot something. Now I am at home, and I know what I miss – you!


My sweet dream, I love you and would like to see you again, That’s why I’m going to go to sleep now.


My heart that cries for you, but you’re not here anymore. That’s why I go to sleep now and command the little star to tell you: I like you!


I miss your soft lips, your deep looks, and your tender hugs.


I miss you with every single body cell.


This is a voucher SMS! It applies to an infinite number of kisses and must be redeemed by tomorrow at the latest …!


You give me the strength to look forward, and you make me laugh, surround me with love. I want to build my future with you because you are the compass of my life.

Miss You Quotes for wife


Your feeling towards her! Thank her in a more pleasant way for all she did for you! Flatter her with your Charming new path of messaging her! Let her fall again for you! Let her know she is the one who turned your life in a better direction.

Also, we wouldn’t mind if you help us with your side of quotes. Please leave them in the comments section below. You see, Love is one of the smallest and oldest words in English. But its great Quality is, if you share it, it can get bigger to cover the whole World!