Dorothy Parker Quotes, Biography, Poems, Spouse, Books


Dorothy Parker Quotes, Biography, Poems, Spouse, Books

Dorothy Parker Biography

Nationality: United States
Born in: Long Branch (New Jersey), on 22/08/1893
Died in New York on 7/06/1967

Dorothy Parker Biography:

Dorothy Parker, born in Long Branch (New Jersey) on August 22, 1893, and died in New York on June 7, 1967, is an American poet and screenwriter, known for her caustic humor, witty wit, and sharp eyes. it dealt with the urban society of the twentieth century.

Also known as Dottie, Parker was born Dorothy Rothschild in the West End district of Long Branch, New Jersey, where her parents had a summer residence. She liked to say that her parents had brought her back to their Manhattan apartment shortly after a Labor Day so she could be considered a real New Yorker. Her friends saw her as both a source of amusement and tragedy. She tried to commit suicide at least three times.

For Hollywood, she wrote, often in collaboration, the scripts of A Star Is Born (1937), The Viper of William Wyler (1941), Fifth Column Alfred Hitchcock (1942), A Lost Life (1947) and Otto Preminger’s Fan of Lady Windermere (adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s L’Ventail de Lady Windermere, 1949).

In the 1950s, she was one of the victims of McCarthyism and included on the list.

Dorothy Parker Quotes

Love is like mercury in the hand. Keep it open, it will remain in your palm; tighten your embrace, it will spin you between your fingers.  by Dorothy Parker Quotes

Sorry for the dust.

[suggestion for his epitaph … after his cremation]

by Dorothy Parker Quotes

I can not be fair to the books that deal with women as women … My idea is that all men and women, whoever we say, should be considered human beings.

by Dorothy Parker Quotes

Drink and Dance and Laugh and Enjoy, Love, the reeling midnight through, For tomorrow we shall die!

(But, alas, we never do.)“

by Dorothy Parker Quotes

When I think of all those people who get married and who ruin their lives arguing over things. Oh, I do not want to be like those people for nothing, darling. We will be different, both of us, will not we?

by Dorothy Parker Quotes

I hate Women: They’re getting on my nerves. – There are the Housewives. .. – These are the worst. – Every moment is tied with Happiness, – They breathe with method – And for eternity hasten to the house – Where to watch the dinner. .. – There are also the sweet – who says with a tender smile “the money does not make happiness” – And do not stop making me admire their dress – Confiding me: “I made it myself “. .. – And go peeling the women’s pages of magazines, – Always try new recipes. – Ah, I hate them, these kinds of women!


by Dorothy Parker Quotes


Love is like mercury in the hand. Keep it open, it will remain in your palm; tighten your embrace, it will spin you between your fingers.

by Dorothy Parker Quotes

Dorothy Parker Poems

Reporting of Gender Relations

The woman demands fidelity;
The man loves novelty.
For her, love is the only future;
He has other sources of pleasure.
She devotes herself body and soul to her king;
The time to say whew, he is already bored.
Here is the assessment of the situation,
What earthly happiness is it hoped for?



They proclaim you North and East
Because you are what you are.
If their feelings are shared
Then they try to change you;
And as soon as they are sure of your attachment
they want to correct your behavior.
Your moods, your manners, all the congested;
They would make you an entirely different person.
They incessantly urge you, they jostle you;
They educate you and they manipulate you.
Everything they admired became reprehensible.
Men tire me, men overwhelm me.

(About) Being a woman

When I am in Rome, why should
I give an eye to be at home?
When hardly returned home,
Does my soul have the evil of Italy?

And why, my love, my lord, with you,
Do I bother you with so much brilliancy,
But scarcely do you get up to go away
That I ask you by my side?


Let them denounce each of my tears,
Let them mock and complain.
In a week, in a year, in an hour
I’ll be with mine.


Who sleep now, summer and winter,
In fields where the earth is very brown,
And whose heart was already dust
Before they are buried.


Dorothy Parker Spouse

Dorthy Parker has two Spouses:

  1. Edwin Pond Parker II
  2. Alan Campbell

Dorothy met and married with Man who is working on Wall Street as a stockbroker, Edwin Pond Parker II (1893–1933) of Haddam who is a trader of Webber & Co. Parker II and Dorothy were get married before he left his army duty in World War I in 4th Division. Dorothy Parker left him by giving divorced in 1928. After that Pond Parker remarried, to Anne E. O’Brien, who died at age of 39, by taking lots of sleeping powder to relieve her pain which was given by a dental procedure. Dorothy Parker retained her married name, and she also re-married, to a film writer and an actor Alan Campbell and she moved to Hollywood.


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