110+ Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

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Latest Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

The most difficult thing in a couple’s life is to dare to live fully to three. You, me and the relationship that connects us and magnifies us.

The true lover, it is the one who a slight caress on the hair, a simple smile or even a look lost in the wave makes you capsize happiness.

In her first passion, the woman loves her lover; In all others, all she loves is love.

Moreover, the life of a couple serves only to wait until a better tip the tip of his nose.

A happy household is one in which both admit, even if they do not believe it, that the other may be right.

Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

The lover is always closer to love than to the beloved.

Seven out of ten people are unhappy in the household. The other three are single.

Women are happy to return to their homes near midlife; it is the age when men come out of it.

All the honor of a lover is to be a faithful lover.

What is a lover? It is an instrument to which one rubs to have fun.

A lady who has a lover is like an angel, a lady who has two lovers is like a monster, a lady who has three lovers is a woman.

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Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

A poor lover says what he thinks, without thinking too much of what he says; the disorder is his eloquence; when the heart speaks, goodbye the spirit.

Household happiness is a pure chance. The happiness of two spouses does not seem to me to be greater because they knew each other thoroughly before their marriage; this does not prevent divergences from arising later and provoking inevitable disappointments. Better, in my opinion, to ignore as much as possible the defects of the one who will share your existence.

If you have no relationship with nature then you will not have a relationship with the man. The fields, the forests, the rivers, the trees, all the wonders and beauties of the earth, is Nature. If it does not matter to you then we will never be able to relate to each other.

Love steals from lovers hours they do not spend together: separated, we do not live anymore, we wait to live. Absence is arsenic: a little strengthens love, many kill it. The best day is the day before.

Walking with two companions, both will be my masters: I choose their good sides and imitate them, and I try to correct in myself the defects that I observe in them.

The relationship does not exclude loneliness. If we feel good about ourselves, and we can act independently, then we can really work within a couple. Two independent people can build a healthy relationship, while two halves will never make a whole.

We still believe that some relationships are so strong that they can resist anything, but that’s not true. The fading confidence, the weariness, the bad choices, the deceitful suns of seduction, the hot voice of dirty idiots, the long legs of filthy connoisseurs, the injustices of fate: everything contributes to killing love. In this kind of unequal combat, the chances of victory are slim and are more of the exception than the rule.

Women live in couples because they do not know they are strong.

They were told that they needed a man when they needed them.

To discover their strength at the time of divorce, seeing that their men fall apart.

They are so on the brink that they are recovering immediately with another woman.

I will speak here only of our relationship to both … I do not exclude anyone. But the day I realized that you were locked in the madness that is autism, I also understood that it would be for me to get away with it.

To be happy in the household, one must be either a man of genius married to a tender and spiritual woman or be, by the effect of chance, both excessively stupid.

In relation, we often stubbornly establish symptomatic links that do not respect the transformations and the reality of our state. We try to change ourselves for the other; we do anything and everything to be loved. The low self-esteem that drives us to diminish is often at the center of this type of relationship and the center of impossible love.

The relationship that belongs to us for almost 6 months is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my young life. And it is to preserve and keep it always that I have so often postponed our appointments, and that even at the risk of losing you. But today I realize how important my feelings have been to you, and I want to tell you more and prove it to you. I always thinking of you, and I really love you.

Love and celebration have never been good. It is also surprising that the verb to go out can designate two things: rolling a skate or seeing people. Life is less conciliatory than vocabulary.

To have, with the memories, the same relations as with a human being who is dismissed from time to time to take him back to his house with more love and strength, that is what is the most beneficial for the memory and for ourselves.

A lover has very little to be satisfied With favors that one makes him without the intention of making them: As the only intention in the form of price, Quite often without it, they are joined with contempt.

To establish a relationship with others, one must first establish a relationship with oneself. If we are unable to face our own loneliness, we are just using others as shields.

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Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

We take a lover like a mirror, not to look at it, but to look at it.

For a lover, he is no longer a friend.

Even when a romantic relationship ends, you’re never really alone.

Two people to make a happy couple is not enough.

Emotional Quotes on Husband Wife Relationship

The connection between humanity and nature must be made of respect and love, not domination.

In everyday life, in his relations with his fellow men, man must use his reason, but he will make fewer mistakes if he listens to his heart.

We do not deceive a lover, we simply change.

The anger of lovers is like summer storms, which only make the countryside greener and more beautiful.

The lover who is not everything is nothing.

The past and the future exist only in relation to you; they are one, you think they are two.

Quarrels of lovers, renewal of love.

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Each relationship feeds strength or weakness into you.

Lovers always have illogical behavior.

A husband is what remains of a lover when he has been denervated.

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A lover does not just give life to everything, he also makes life forget: the husband gives life to nothing.

I spent all that time building a relationship. And then one evening, I left the window open, and the building started to rust.

Life is the set of relationships and interactions between the living if we come to understand this concept, many things will change.

Good lovers are the women who build them. Men, we should learn all thing and especially let them to believe the opposite side.

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A relationship is a mirror in which you can discover yourself.

In any relationship where two people join together into one, the subside outcome is two half-people.

That the husband puts himself a little in the place of the lover … since the lover puts himself in the place of the husband!

One can love and despise the lover.

What is a lover? It is the one that attaches to women who stand out.

What good are so many words when two lovers are together, the most beautiful speech is a kiss.

Lovers invent their own vocabulary, but it only has meaning for them.

To be happy in the household, one must be either a man of genius married to a tender and spiritual woman or be, by the effect of chance, both excessively stupid.

As long as they are only lovers we are sovereign, And until the conquest, they treat us of queens, But after the marriage, they are kings in their turn.

A relationship is a flower that we love to pick ourselves.

The time of the lovers is time lost when the man bites on the body of a woman whom he has finished discovering.

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Love is the veil between beloved and lover.

This may be the secret of a real couple: everyone must reveal or awaken something in the other.

All women have a lover one day or another because all women have the right to be a little themselves, without being subjected to the silent tyranny of theirs.

I hate to do the housework. You make the bed, the dishes and six months combined, anything is to begin as soon as than gone more.

Experience and skill are bad. These are the routines that experience has set that the skill is shaking up.

Life has fun; death does the housework.

To want a reason to reign over a lover is to be blind to himself more than he.

In the romance of lovers, I leaf through your lips.

In a couple, at least one must be faithful, preferably the other.

To know women without being a lover, it is as if a fisherman, having walked his line on the river, imagined to know the fish.

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Do not privilege the lover to your child because the lover is the only passenger while your child is for eternity.

The couple is the place of life subtracted. Passion is the place of divided life.

If husbands allowed one or two lovers for their wives to compare, there would be many more faithful women.

What are the caresses of two lovers, when they can not be the expression of the infinite case they make of themselves?

When a girl’s heart is taken, her lover has nothing to ask him.