100+ Long Good Morning Messages for HER

One of the Best Way to wake up your Loved ones every morning is dedicating Long Good Morning Messages for HER to start her day with full of Joy and Smiles. These Romantic Messages will surely make your Wife/Loved one’s day, and if you want to surprise your Love with an unforgettable and Lovely gesture, then try our Good Morning Messages and Show your love to HER! and if you Like our Quotes then Share with your Friends on Social Media Platform.

Best Long Good Morning Messages for HER

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

You are the reason why I wake up happy every morning.

There is nothing better than checking that you are by my side when I wake up, you give me the motivation to face the day and the pleasure of living

Do you believe in love at first sight or do I happen again?

How difficult it is to put a thread in a needle.

The boys are like the kitchen rags, you leave them on the balcony and the neighbors take them.

Hey, I love you the way ducks want. How?

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

According to the weather forecast … you should be in my bed!

Honey … everything in excess is bad … except me.

I would tell you with all my heart, but my belly is bigger.

I have decided that I will spend with you the battery of your mobile phone.

Love knocked on my door, and I had come out for bread.

Excuse my daring … but can I make love to you brutally?

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So Why is it important to Say Good Morning to your Wife/Lover?

It has been proven that, as soon as you get up, the first thing that you need is through your head which will significantly improve your mood for the whole day. And at night, the body will forget the pain and gives us a new way to the next morning. That’s, why I am Writing this “Good Morning Wishes to Lover” Article and I think you love this…

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

Two green suns illuminate me each morning filling me with peace and tranquility. Good morning princess.

Hello Beautiful. I just wanted to remind you that you are one of the most special people in my life, and that knowing that I count on you makes me feel very happy. Good morning and enjoy a lot.

Although the distance does not allow us to dawn embraced, the kilometers are less painful with a message sent from the depths of our hearts. Think that when we get together again, our love will be so strong that nothing and no one will dare to separate us.

There is nothing better than checking that you are by my side when I wake up, you give me the motivation to face the day and the pleasure of living thinking about you. Good morning my life!

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

From here I give you a virtual hug for a new day to begin. I miss you. Good morning princess.

With a kiss you will know that I love you, with a tear, you will know that I miss you, with a hug, you will know that I need you, but with the phrase “Good morning, princess” you will know that I do not stop thinking about you.
How I’m looking forward to living together, my princess. However, until then I can only climb up to your room to get into your bed and wake up next to you. Only then am I happy in the morning. Good Morning!

Funny Good Morning Message to HER

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

I do not bite unless you want …

Love, tell me something nice that makes me see the stars. + Telescope.

No one forces you to be with me if you do not love me. There you have the door, break the lock, remove the chains, cross the pit with crocodiles, jump the electric fence and go. xD I LOVE YOU!

I can not give you the best in the world, but I’ll give you … I’ll give you.
The man who cooks attracts, but if he also washes the dishes, he falls in love …
The physicist does not matter, but your buttocks fall in love with me.
To me, the only one who dominates me … is the dream.
You can do it in the bed, the sofa, the table, the chair, the car, even on the floor … The point is to sleep!
The brain works from birth until you fall in love.
If you knew how much I think about you, you would denounce me for mental harassment.
Long Good Morning Messages for HER

I’m very good in bed. I can be hours and hours without stopping to sleep …

Good Morning Love Quotes for Her

I hope that together we overcome our past to have a better present and future.

To wake up happy, I need to follow a routine in the morning: get up, make the bed, stay seated, sigh, think of you and write a dedication to giving

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

Honey, until today I was not aware of how important you are to me, of all that your love and trust mean.

If they gave me a dollar for every time I think of you, now I would have Trump doing my baths every day.

I can not lunch because I think of you, I can not eat because I think of you, and I can not sleep because of … hunger.

I thought that I could not breathe because I love you, until you told me it was because of asthma, now I’m smoking you.

Honey, all men are bad, they are not worthy for women. Well … All but me, of course.

To stay looking at your eyes in love and think about the most important thing … What will be called on Facebook or Instagram?

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

I think that from thinking about you I am wearing you out, so do not worry if you start to find yourself blurred.

Hello Love of my life! This night I dreamed of your body, your mouth, your smell … A real delight! But here I just woke up and I’m very sad not to see you in the bed … Miss you!

Honey, I’m happy to have you in my life. I wake up every morning thinking about you and nothing that brightens my day! Thank you for everything!

My little heart … I was cold tonight, frozen feet … I need you me you know ?! You are the only human heater that accepts my frozen feet ^^ I love you, can not wait for you to warm me up!

Hello my love, a little message to wish you a beautiful day! I can not wait to see you tonight.

Hello you! Look how beautiful it is, it does not give me any desire to go to work but rather to walk in a sunny park with you

Hello my little love … Sleep well? Your body missed me all night, I took a pillow in my arms to act as if you were there … But that’s not enough

You do not know 100% how much time I think of you. My love, if you knew, you would have already denounced me for mental harassment.

When a woman in a relationship says no, that’s like in the ancient Hebrew: repeat it a thousand times more until you say yes.

Today just wake up, I looked at the weather on my mobile, and according to the forecast, you should be by my side.

In a relationship, there is always someone who commands, and then I am the one who is your servant all day.

You are one of the most fun people I know, I love your sarcastic messages in which you tell me that you love me.

I am one of those who believe in love at first sight, do you also or have to see me again?

I am the owner of all those love phrases that I send you, even those that are copy and paste.

They say that alcohol makes you see double things, today I think I will drink to see you doubly.

I’m very courteous, so I ask you to forgive my daring … Could you make love to me all fucking night?

I love you in that way you want all the ducks.

I have one bad and one good news: the bad news is that I lost my bed, the good one is that yours is great.

Best Good Morning Messages

Long Good Morning Messages for HER

I love you with all my belly. I was going to say that with all my heart, but my belly is bigger.

One day the much-loved love came and knocked on my door … But just that day I was caught that I had gone shopping.

Sorry if one day I’m wrong and I confuse your name and call you Google. It’s that you have everything I want.

I would like you to tell me something nice, something that would make me see the stars, but do not call me a telescope.

Do you like funny messages and love phrases? Well, I think you should look for another man for your life.

I am one of those who think that the physical is secondary, but if it does not become your ass or I know you.

I want to do it on the bed, on the couch, on the couch, in the car, even on the floor. The question is to be able to sleep.

Honey, I’m the best man in bed, I endure hours and hours … Sleeping clear …

Honey, I love you so much, tell me something with love … Shock absorber. Something sweeter sweetie..

Every night before I sleep I think of you, you are my last thought, and that is that you are my most beautiful sheep.

If what you need is that there is chemistry between the two of us, I can set up a laboratory.

I knew something magical would become, and that is that you are a magician, just by looking at me you have left me with stone

I hope you believe in love at first sight because otherwise, I will have to come back to you as many times as you need.

I have always been afraid of death, but now I would not mind if you killed me as long as it is with kisses and hugs. I love you!

I would like us to take some time: you give me your gift and I always give you my gift. Do you think it’s OK?

Forgive me if I look direct to you, but as much as I think about it, I do not know if you are the woman of my life, or I am the man of your life.

The day I get to have you with me I will stop being a limpet to become an octopus.

When my ex made me feel better in our relationship was when I assure myself that never in life would I find someone like her.

I never told him not to return, nor that I would hold a grudge, or that I would never want to go back with him. I think it was so obvious that it was not necessary.

It was not the worst thing that happened to me in life, on the contrary, it was the best because thanks to her I now know that it is evil in people.

That same time that I cried was the one that I knew that later it was not worth losing more. Thanks for leaving!

I look at my memories with you and I’d like to take you to the moon because maybe if I leave you there so far away, you would not hurt anyone anymore.

You know that I am very jealous but for you, I would be able to make an exception. How about a trio? You, me, and all live together.

If it’s not annoying … Would you mind staying with me all my life? I just want to be happy forever…


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