How to End a Relationship on Good Terms in 2020

Ending a relationship can never be easy. And many people find it difficult but obviously you can’t stay in a relationship if you are not happy. Though people do make mistakes while the break up with their partner and things become bitter. 

In this article, we are gonna tell you some tips that can help you end your relationship. But remember one thing before we start, and that’s you have to have patience and you don’t wanna take any rational steps. Also, we have a collection of nice status for your love relationship at question stems. 

Do you really wanna end this relationship? 

You seriously don’t wanna go to all trouble when you yourself aren’t convinced that you wanna end things with your partner. If you have some problems that can be worked on then try to talk to them first. Before taking the huge step that will lead you both the misery. 

Sit with yourself and think what’s wrong in your relationship and if there is any chance you can fix your relationship. And then you think it’s really a high time and you just don’t wanna stay with your partner anymore then decide to break up. 

Another tip I wanna give you is, don’t use break up threats, don’t pressure your partner for anything. Value the emotions and feelings you have for each other. 

Pick the perfect time and place! 

Breakup isn’t gonna be easy and you have to pick the right time to end things. You surely wanna end things in private. Obviously, you can take your partner to dinner for breakup, you have to choose a place where you both are comfortable and get some privacy to end things peacefully without alternating anyone around you. 

Well if we talk about time then there is no perfect time for breaking up but please keep in mind that you don’t wanna end things with your partner right before their final test or anything important they are gonna do that will only give them a distraction and they will end up miserable. 

Maybe weekends are a great choice to end things as they won’t have to go to their job or anything and don’t pick a location where you two have memories, instead pick a neutral place where you can get some privacy. 

 Do it in person!

This might be the most important thing when it comes to ending a person. Don’t be a ghost and just disappear from their life, it’s the worst way and it will not only break their heart but they will always wonder what wrong they did. 

You don’t wanna disrespect your partner by ending things over the phone, so no matter what you will have to do in person. 

You can end things on the phone only if you are in a long-distance relationship otherwise it’s not acceptable at all. 

Say what you feel straightaway. 

Don’t manipulate them or give them hints that you wanna break up, instead of do it in a way that other people know you are ending things. Say what you need to say and don’t make it long and dramatic. 

For example, you can start with “okay things are not working between us” or ” we want different things”. Give them reason and lastly make it clear that you don’t wanna stay in this relationship. 

Be ready for your partner’s reaction. 

You should know your partner more than anything else, and you will have to understand no breakup id easy and they may or may not take it as you have thought. 

What can you do to make this is easy is, don’t insult them or make them feel worthless? And lastly, give them a chance to speak. Whatever he/she have to say hear them out. You can comfort them but don’t take it too far. 

It’s not gonna be easy, but always keep in mind the person is the same person you fell in love with, so be nice and don’t be cruel! Get all answer to your questions at question stems