Statuses for WhatsApp – The Latest Collection

Status for WhatsApp is a necessary attribute of your profile. Thanks to which you can express yourself and your thoughts on any exciting topic (happiness, sadness, romance, family, hobbies, and work – whatever). But this must be done skilfully so that friends and colleagues adequately appreciate your efforts.

For example, such:

  • Life is too short to waste it on a short relationship.
  • A mirror is the only way to talk with a smart person.
  • Each of us was born for something beautiful.
  • Met the woman of your dreams? You can say goodbye to all other desires.
  • You need to look not with your eyes but with your heart and soul.
  • Convincing others is easier than convincing yourself.
  • Do not stop people from going crazy – watch them silently.
  • If a Miracle happened to you, do not question it.
  • Fools will never die out. They are not mammoths.
  • You can only live according to two scenarios: either rot or burn.
  • Never violate your principles, otherwise what is the use of them?
  • Do what you want – the crowd will still find what to blame you
  • You are stronger than your fate until you give up.
  • Think only of the people you love.
  • Every day you can be better than today.

Short and meaningful cool statuses for WhatsApp

You can see the endless humor of Internet users. If you are confident in your impeccable taste for jokes – come up with something witty yourself, try it.

We offer you the following cool phrases that your friends will not disregard:

  • Traveling by public transport is a great way to fend for yourself and others.
  • Money is a universal evil. I come to the store – well, right there is not enough evil!
  • One head is good! And two are already somehow ugly.
  • It is not a butterfly woman. It is a mole.
  • If you are happy for more than a day, then they are hiding something from you.
  • He continued to bend his line until he went too far.
  • If you love me, then I can turn mountains! If not, then the neck.
  • To find a common language with a person, just kiss.
  • Nerve tigers live in my nerve cells. Please be careful.
  • My life is an excellent instruction on the topic “how to do it is not necessary.”

The status of WhatsApp with meaning can be in pictures. It looks very impressive and also decorates your profile. Choose what you want to tell your friend list about and look for a suitable photo or image: bright color, brooding black and white, or something funny with cats.

Statuses for WhatsApp with meaning about Love

It is a trendy topic because when we experience this bright feeling, we want to shout about our happiness to the whole world. And if something goes wrong – I want to find support from friends and hint to them that something happened to you, and you are sad.

Examples could be:

  • I never humiliate myself. I just can’t keep silent about my feelings.
  • New Love is a fresh breath. It is the new one.
  • I love and can defeat everything except for your betrayal.
  • I have one person whom I will never let go anywhere. It’s you. Thank you for everything. Do not let me go.
  • If you look into the mirror, you will find out who I dream every night.
  • First, you kill with a word, and then you kill with silence.
  • Love is careless: she comes to someone herself but runs away from someone.
  • I painted you in my dreams and dreams. I waited and hoped.
  • The more and more terrible the obstacles, the stronger is Love.
  • I am the happiest in the world, and I do not accept calls from the Past.

Statuses on WhatsApp with meaning for the proud

It is a selection of aphorisms about the quality of character that adorns both the girl and the guy, making us even more desirable.

Judge for yourself:

  • I’m not interested in your personal life. I hope that at least this is mutual with us.
  • A man costs precisely as much as his words require.
  • If all of you are holy, pray for me, please.
  • To be happier than everyone else does not have to be perfect.
  • It is not arrogance. I just keep my back.
  • I sent a vest to the scrap, into which you are all so used to crying. Thanks for your attention.
  • Tomorrow’s plans are hysterical and shopping.
  • I sincerely wish you to find your soul mate. And it’s better to start with the second half of the brain.
  • If you think that you managed to get up, this is not so. You just surfaced.
  • I do not break. My body has a lot of calcium, so the bones are solid.

Beautiful statuses on WhatsApp with meaning

They are suitable for dreamy and thoughtful natures who like to choose words and put their thoughts into exciting phrases.

  • While we are young, let’s enjoy every moment of our beautiful lives and not be sad for those who are not worthy of us!
  • A woman should be the happiest, and she owes nothing to anyone else.
  • My heart is a treasure, do not waste it!
  • Few people feel us. Most see us as we seem.
  • Happiness does not lie anywhere. To achieve it, you need to work hard.
  • Broken knees heal much faster than a broken heart. That’s why I want to be a kid again.
  • Winners come up with the rules by which losers then live.
  • When you want, you find the time, and when not, you see the reasons.
  • A smile is the most budgetary way to work on your appearance.
  • Most life tasks are solved simply: take and do!

Status on WhatsApp with meaning for girls

Such a message can be devoted to the topic of relations, friendship, beauty, female tricks – and about everything that you want to share with loved ones.

  • If I want, I can take everything from you – even the surname!
  • The decency of the girl is the main advantage of her Men.
  • Arguing with a girl is the same as shaving a pig. Wool zero, and squeals!
  • I smile as if I don’t know what pain is.
  • While you will be kissing all the frogs, the thought of the Princess may disappear.
  • Distance is an occasion for sadness, not for betrayal.
  • It is worth losing a loved one, and feelings become even stronger!
  • My boyfriend is the best person on earth! Only I haven’t met him yet 🙂
  • There are no forces capable of destroying true Love.
  • Let’s be silent: silence unites more than talking.

Statuses for WhatsApp with the meaning of lies

They are relevant in those cases when you find yourself in a difficult situation, face a difficult life choice or want to hint to your friends about some kind of misconduct.

You can use these phrases:

  • It’s easier to deceive someone who is attached to you and depends only on you.
  • When you cheat a liar, you get double pleasure.
  • The most exciting thing in your lies is that it is a lie from the first to the last word.
  • When you lie, you prove the superiority of the one you are deceiving.
  • Only on self-deception can we skip and joyfully.
  • Betrayal is a blow below the belt, a prohibited technique.
  • He knew how to lie so that he wanted to climb on a stool and applaud while standing.
  • Mutual understanding does not do without common lies.
  • We trust strangers because they have never deceived us.