150+ I Love My Husband Images and Quotes

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Best I Love My Husband Quotes

Best I Love My Husband Quotes

I’m glad to take the pen with pleasure to tell you how much I love you, no words are strong enough to tell you how much I miss your arms.

Every second spent in your arms, my darling is an enchantment and a treasure that I want to keep preciously.

It is nice to talk to each other often, I do not forget the proverb that says that words fly away, but that the writings remain. So, I have to write how much I love you.

Sharing your life is a real delight, that’s why it was important to put it on the paper, so that every time I miss you, you re-read this mail

When we met, I no longer believed in myself, and I no longer believed in love.

By dint of patience, confidence, gentleness, and tenderness – four rare qualities in men – you have known, my love, to make me radiant.

Best I Love My Husband Quotes

In your eyes, I feel beautiful; in my heart, all the feelings of happiness collide.

Thank you to have illuminated a life, that I now aspire to share with you to the end.

Only one look was enough to love you, only one of your words is enough to reassure me, only one of your gestures is enough to feel me wanted.

That’s it, love: understand each other without talking to each other sometimes. But today, I also want to write it on paper, three words that are strong and sincere: I love you.

Cute I Love My Husband Images

Cute I Love My Husband Images and Quotes


Everything becomes fairy and magical when I close my eyes and imagine myself by your side.

Cute I Love My Husband Images


I need to be with you, to live and to enjoy our beautiful love.

Cute I Love My Husband Images

Our happiness and our love are constantly evolving every day, I hope that it will never stop.

Cute I Love My Husband Images

You are and you will remain the most beautiful thing that has happened to me.

Cute I Love My Husband Images

Without you, there is no love, without you, I do not exist.

Cute I Love My Husband Images

He arrived in my life, without a scandal without making a noise, he came to warm my heart, with him, I found great happiness.

 I Love My Husband Images


With you, I can consider the future because you are the one I have been looking for for a long time.

I Love My Husband Images

I have the impression to know you since the dawn of time.

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It seems that when we love, we do not count, but I count every second without you.

When I see you, I feel good but when you’re gone, I’m not myself anymore.

I do not need to breathe, because I breathe your air, I do not need to dream, because you are my only dream, I do not need to speak, because

my words are yours, I do not need to live, because your love is my life.

I wanted to send you a big kiss so I miss you, but as long as there are no devices that send kisses, I send you this SMS.

I love you not only for what you are but for who I am when we are together.

The winter gift is the snow, the spring gift is the flowers, the summer gift is the heat and me, my best gift, it’s you

I would like to speed up the time to join you as soon as possible, however near you, I will stop every second because every moment with you, I want

Every day far from you is a happy day less in my existence; I hope to join you soon.

Awesome I Love My Husband Images and Quotes

I want your arms to feel me, I feel very orphaned without your sweet presence.

I don’t believe in fairy tale stories, but since I saw you, I started living.

I am sending you messages to not forget me, but truly, I need to send you my eyes to see you, my lips to kiss you hard.

You bring me happiness, joy, serenity, calm, you bring me all the things I need to be happy.

The world becomes bright and wonderful whenever I am with you.

No text, no words will satisfy my adoration for you.

The world is empty and makes no sense without you, I ask you to stay by my side because I will always need you.

Heart Touching Love Messages for Husband

I don’t have to dream anymore since you are my fantasy, I don’t have to breathe anymore because you are my oxygen, I don’t need to talk anymore because mine words are yours, I don’t have to you do not need to live anymore, because you are my whole life.

We will trace our path, the sky, you will have it at the end of your fingers and that is my dream, which I want to achieve once, but only with you my love and wherever you are, pray to God to hear our voices.

There are words that one says but that one does not think, and there are words that one thinks but that one does not say! I think sincerely and tell you I love you for life.

It’s hard to tell you how much I love you with just an SMS.

Keeping away from you makes me suffer, thinking of your smile makes me heal, surrounding near you is my best desire.

Thoughts of love, I love you always, a little more each day, you are my only love.

With the beautiful days, a perfume of love awakens my senses, I need your presence …

When I’m in your arms, near you, I forget everything and I only think of ourselves … I do not ask any more questions, because you alone are my obsession.

Your heart giving me sweetness, your look serenity, I never count the minutes & hours since you’re by my side.

Love Messages for Your Husband

My love, despite all the distances that separate us and even miles from you, I promise you, I love you my heart more than ever.

I love you as I can not describe it you brought me all the love and the tenderness, thanks to you I can finally say that I know what My heart, time passes, and feelings remain engraved in the heart.

Happy to share my life with you, you are indispensable to my happiness.
My darling, every day you give me a smile and especially you fill my heart with the love I want to tell you how much you are indispensable to my happiness.
For you my love, you who have erased my past sufferings, with your life is fluid and without pitfalls and I hope that with you long I will live.
A question that many people ask, but for me, happiness is to be with you, my love.
I just found that I can not live without you.
I love you more than all my love angel.
A Message to tell you How much I love you …
I could never say how much I love you and how important you are to me.
But I can say that light comes into my life every time I am with you.
Now, I know that you are really a good person with whom I want to be for life.
You are the prince I’ve dreamed of finding since I was a little girl.
You are the reason why I wake up every day with a smile.

I Love My Husband Images

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It’s with you that I’m happy …
You have been my wall, my safety equipment in the adventure of life, without you, I do not see life in the same way. So, please, never let me down. I love you!

Message for the man of my life …
You opened your heart and you gave me confidence in every step of my life, stay my little angel for a long time, you are the man of my life. I love you.

Love SMS to tell him I love you …
Receive this short message that tells you that I love you to remind you that you are the only love of my life and you will remain it forever. Kiss I love you.

With you my love…
I only want to be with you and you take my hand never to let go again.

I want you to hug me and kiss me passionately.

I want to live every day with you as if it were the last day.

I love you my heart.