250+ Best Birthday Status for Little Sister in 2020

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Best Happy Birthday Wishes for Little Sister

Birthday Status for Little Sister

The most beautiful person in the world in every way is in luck because once again fulfills a year and is still happier, it makes all your loved ones happier. I wish you a happy and unforgettable birthday!

Until my last breath I think you love, until my last breath, you will be my half, until the last breath I will be with you always loving you, always faithful to you. Congratulations on your beloved birthday!

I want to be the one to write you the best of all the phrases for an older sister, because I want to be able to excite you and then get you a giant smile, for it you will only have to think about our fun and beautiful past. Many congratulations!

Do you remember when we little girls hugged, laughed, and got angry so fast? Do you remember when we played kitchens or dolls? Do you really get excited? Happy birthday, sister, really enjoy!

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How much we have cried, played, and joked, how many unique moments we enjoy … And it is that there are good and less good moments with you that I would not change for anything, in fact, I  would live them again every day of my life and it would be again day the happiest person in the world.

I just wanted to remind you today that I remember every birthday that we have lived together and all the beautiful memories that make me relive. I love you, I hope you invite something today, at least to smile as we have always done. Many congratulations, sister!

Happy birthday, sister! Happy birthday, best friend! Happy birthday my everything! And it is that mom gave me life, dad taught me to love, and the more I needed you made me you came to my life to make me happy. Dear, enjoy this beautiful and special day!

Top Cute Birthday Wishes for Sister

Birthday Status for Little Sister


May life give you each day a new day better than the previous one, that you can enjoy the thousands of years and that each year have millions of days, I wish that it is a kindness that defines you, makes you immortally happy. Thank you for existing, happy anniversary sister !.

A sister is a gift, one like you is a blessing, and that is that you are my guardian angel, you are always there to take care of me, to advise me, and to get up when I fall. Many, congratulations, sister!

What would a world be like without you? What would it be like to have to consider a world without you? How happy it makes me not to have to answer those questions ever, how happy it makes me sure that you will always be by my side. Congratulations on the anniversary of your birth!

Tears that flood me with loneliness, sadness that fills me on this day, and there is nothing sadder than having to write messages for a sister who is far away and who loves herself so much. Hope you’re here soon, a happy day dear!

Today your whole family will be partying, today your whole family will be loving and loving, we will be aware that at all times you are happy, and that nothing and nobody is missing. Happy beautiful day!

God at the moment that gave you life gave us happiness to others, God at the moment that took you to the arms of mom gave us the greatest of our lives. I hope you enjoy this Special day with a lot of joys!

Birthday Status for Little Sister


I love you as you want the most in love, I need you as the neediest needs, and I wish you the best day that a person has ever enjoyed because you are the best person I know. May God give you a day full of blessings and joys little sister!

Neither the most renowned painter imagined you, nor the greatest singer-songwriter composed you, nor the most famous sculptor would have so much courage to know that you exist and to think that he could do something as beautiful as you. Congratulations on this important day for your loved ones and for you!

Birthday Quotes for Little Sister

Looking for nice phrases Best Birthday Status for Little Sister to share on Facebook, I have come to the conclusion that you would surely read everything, and that you would dedicate yourself to be able to “thank everyone” in your state. Anyway, I wish you a happy birthday, sister.

Birthday Status for Little Sister


Mama gave me life, mama gave me food, dressed me, taught me to walk, to talk, to grow, mom gave me everything I had and for all that I am grateful, but for what I will be most grateful is for I have put you by my side. Have a beautiful and beautiful day!

Who said that a long greeting was needed to cheer up anyone? Do you know what two rides on a bicycle and fall in the middle through the window to know how beautiful a woman celebrates years?. Happy day dear!

My childhood is summarized by days by your side, moments by your side, instants by your side. My childhood is you with me, those good times that together we laughed and shouted, and the bad ones that we cried together. Happy birthday, beautiful sister!

Searching among hundreds of happy birthday phrases for a sister I have come to the conclusion that it is best to improvise and be brief. Happy birthday dear her …

How beautiful that in this precious day I can have you with me, how nice that I can fill you with kisses, hugs, and gifts, good of the gifts we should discuss … Although if you like my kisses and hugs we saved that debate. Many beautiful congratulations!

Birthday Status for Little Sister


That in this new year all your goals are reached by you, that all your dreams are fulfilled by you, and that you propose new goals and dreams that you will always achieve. Blessings for this emotional and special day!

Of all the phrases for a sister, this will be the one that makes you miss, since you know how little I like to congratulate, but I have decided that doing it today is worth it if it is in exchange for a smile from you. Happy Birthday, Sister!

On this special day, I thank you for taking care of me from when I was little until this very moment, you are the best and most beautiful sister that anyone has ever known. I wish you that you’ve got a happy day with those who love you most!

In this message for a dear sister, I wanted to record that life has been precious and special with her, thanks to her charisma and personality. For all that you have always loved and cared for me, I wish you a happy day. I love you a lot!

Happy Birthday Wishes to my Lovely Sister

Birthday Status for Little Sister


At last the most awaited day has arrived for the whole family, the youngest of the family celebrates years again, and I want you to know that you have made us the happiest family in the world and that you came to the world was the greatest blessing that the destiny gave us. Happy Birthday, Sister!

Today is a day like no other, the most highlighted in the calendar, the most beautiful, the most special of all. I wonder how I have to write a message for a sister who is far away and it makes me not be as happy as I would like, but the thought that we will together soon make me feel the happiest person on the face of the earth.

If I had to write to you all the blessings I received being with you all my life, I would be writing moments and it would never end. Thank you for everything dear, thank you for existing. My best wishes and congratulations on this day!

Happy in your day little sister, you know that as you do not have two people in life, you know that you are my confessor, my friend, my world, and my everything, you know that for you I would give everything I have and more. Happy day, I wish you to fulfill many, many more!

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I remember that you have always kept me company, I remember that you were in the good times and also in the bad ones, especially in the bad ones. It was this that made me love my life so much, and since then I give thanks for the living. Happy birthday, I love you, sister!

Now when I write these words for a very special person for me, I get excited because I remember the past at his side, I remember that it was my strength, my breath, my hope, and my happiness. Therefore, I can only wish you all the blessings that God can give you on this day. Happy day of your beloved birthday!

I am looking for a word, an adjective that defines me in this life, and on this incredible day, I realize that thanks to your presence the adjective that sums up is fortunate, all thanks to you, to have you and enjoy all your time. Congratulations!

I need you as night to the moon, as the sea to the waves, as I need the air to breathe. You can believe me when I tell you that you are indispensable for my life. Happy birthday of your birthday, I hope that life gives us a multitude of celebrations thanks to this honor. I love you beautiful!

You are in me, past, you are also present, and the greatest promise and illusion of my future. I just want a life in which I can continue to enjoy you, your understanding, kindness and above all your love. Happy birthday dear sister!

birthday wishes for sister quotes


I must be careful when writing this, which is one of my best birthday messages for an older sister because when she reminds her of her dark circles or her wrinkles she gets angry, so I limit myself to wishing her the cutest day of her life. her life and to tell her that I love her with madness.

Today is the day of your birth anniversary, you are a year older again, and thank God I am again at your side on another new occasion another year. I will be to make you happier still, to remind you of all that I love and need you. Happy birthday, enjoy it!

And today the prize for the most beautiful sister in the world thanks to her good work as a sister and as a friend in the role of the person most dear to me, is for, for you. For all that you have done me good, I wish you a happy day. Thank you for existing!

I know that among all this will be the best greeting you receive, not because of the content that will be brief and unproductive, but because I send it to you. Your teasing sister who loves you so much wishes you all the blessings, wishes you a great day. Happy birthday, nice sister!

A sister not only shares a house or surname, shares something that is bigger and more important than all of the above. And is that the love they have is something that nothing and no one can break. This I write to you from experience, because I know that what I love is greater than the rest of strong feelings. You know that today you can count on me, just like you have always done and can always do. Congratulations on this special day!

Birthday Status for Little Sister


On this emotional day, on this day of your birthday, I get the nostalgia to look back in time and remember all those moments that … That is indescribable, and are my tears maybe what prevent me from explaining what I feel when I memory. Thank you for giving me life your way, you are my prolongation in life, you are the greatest thing. Happy birthday!

My mother gave me life, my father taught me to grow and your beloved sister always supported me and defended me on the road. You know that like you would never have had an equal sister, you know that nobody will love you more than me. Happy birthday, sister, thank you for your eternal faithfulness!

My heart is not mine since my heart beats in me but it does it for my family, my mind is not mine, because it works in me but it does it for you. You hoard every moment of my heart and every moment of my mind. I wish you a great day to be part of this family and my happiness, that’s why I give you this phrase for a super special sister. I love you, sister!

Congratulations my beautiful sister, because I will never never be able to forget how much you thought when I was little. Today and I always wish that all blessings fall on you and that you will fulfill many, many more years. Congratulations on this beautiful and special day!

On this day all those memories of when we were little girls return to me and it is impossible not to be happy, and thanks to you and your company which gave me the most beautiful childhood ever in the world. Happy day dear!

Birthday Status for Little Sister


I have tried to be the first person to congratulate you on this anniversary day, I hope I have achieved it. In truth that does not matter, it only matters that you keep in mind that I wish you the best of your days and that happiness accompanies you in your life. Happy Birthday, Sister!

More than a sister, the best, and not only that, my best friend. I hope that on this special day you will receive the love of all your loved ones and that you will be the happiest woman on the face of the earth. That you spend an unforgettable date and that you fulfill many more!

I remember that at your side the good moments made me happy thanks to good memories for living them together, but it was because I had been in the bad times so I love you so much, because you have always been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Congratulations!

I look at the past and I see that you have always looked after me, that you have always pampered me, that you have always advised me, that you have always listened to me, and today everything remains the same. Happy beautiful day, this birthday is for your unforgettable, unique, and unbeatable. I love you!

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For my sister, whom I love from the bottom of my heart, I offer you the most beautiful flowers and wish you a happy birthday. Happy Birthday

 My sister, I congratulate you happy birthday! I want to please all his laugh, his sincere smile and clean look! I wish you will never lose heart.

For my sister, whom I love from the bottom of my heart, I offer you the most beautiful flowers and wish you a happy birthday.

To a sister who is also a friend! Have a very happy birthday, sister! With someone like you, it’s very easy to stay on the same wavelength, no matter what, thanks to the bonds of blood, the many qualities you have, and the warm complicity you’ve gained over the years.

Saying I love you to adored sister is like saying to yourself I love you to yourself.
A sister is a part of us. It’s part of our family history. It is a landmark that reassures when nothing goes..

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There are friends whose friendship is so beautiful and strong that they take an essential place in our lives.
These sisters of heart are part of our family, much more than that of blood: a chosen family, a family of hearts, a family of meaning …

The love between brothers and sisters is the most beautiful love.
He is an unconditional love that finds its source in the sweetness of childhood.
Brothers and sisters are paths of tenderness that lead to an eternity of love.

I write on this day the most sentimental of all the birthday congratulations for a sister because it is to look back and get excited about all the moments lived and shared side by side. Thank you for making life simpler, more beautiful, more exciting. Happy day little sister!

Let’s make today something unforgettable, a special day, a beautiful and unique day. Let’s make the promise that we will always be together, so united that not a single strand of air separates us, and we fulfill the promise until death separates us. Happy birthday, I love you!

We celebrated that day that Mom made it possible for you to come to this world, to fill everything with light, to put joy in all your loved ones. We celebrate that we can enjoy you and your company, and we ask God to always be like that. A lot of congratulations on the day you get older again!

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You managed to fill my days with joys, you managed to fill my nights with illusions and fantasies, you managed to fill my love with your company, so the least I can do is wish you a happy day. I wish that this new year of life will receive you with all the blessings you deserve. Happy Birthday!

I always ask God for our friendship, I ask that we always stay together, that we take care of ourselves, that we take care of each other, but above all that we are always together. I thank you now for making this possible, also for making me so happy to know that it will always be like this. Congratulations!

It is today when the house is dressed with joy, when it is full of party and when I seek to write the best of the congratulations for a sister who is far away. I do not know if I will succeed, but I will be happy to know that this birthday message will make you happy. My most sincere congratulations sister!


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