Best Collection of Deep Quotes about Love for Her

Deep Quotes about Love for Her : Finding the right words to express a feeling as deep as love is not easy. In these cases, we can resort to the experience of the many writers, poets, artists and historical figures who have preceded us and who in their own way have found words of love that have left their mark in time. Below is a rich selection of the most beautiful phrases of love for her, to be used on every occasion to convey a little of what we feel in our hearts. [ Deep Quotes about Love for Her ]

Strictly speaking, love is one of the strongest feelings that one person can feel towards another person. In this respect, one speaks of feelings of deep affection and connectedness – that is, of intimate sensations that come from the source of the deepest heart. The interpersonal relationship of two loving people is also characterized by the fact that both find themselves in each other’s minds, are on the same wavelength, and emotionally represent a true heart and soul.

However, the great and special feeling of love does not only want to be lived out to the fullest by many people but above all to be understood profoundly
We would also like to point out that our Collection of Deep Quotes about Love for Her are suitable for different purposes and opportunities. How about you write a romantic love letter to your sweetheart or your sweetheart and let them begin with an expressive and profound love quote? Or you formulate an unforgettable declaration of love and have it based on a wonderful sentimental quote from our collection? No matter how you do it, the important thing is that your words and lines come from the bottom of your heart and you succeed in expressing greatness!

Deep Quotes about Love for Her

Deep Quotes about Love for Her
Deep Quotes about Love for Her

You may forget the one you laughed with but never the one you cried with.


There is a lot of suffering where there is a lot of feeling.


That’s what love is all about: protecting and touching two lonely ones and talking to each other.


The future is something most people only love when it has become a thing of the past.


Age does not protect against love, but love protects against age to some degree.


Love: The power to endure not only one’s own, but also the imperfection of another’s life.

Deep Quotes about Love for Her

Deep Quotes about Love for him
Deep Quotes about Love for him

A kiss is a thing that requires both hands.


Tears clean the heart. i love you my swetheart


Love not only has rights, it is always right.


Love is the only fairy tale that does not begin with ‘once upon a time’ – but closes.


The more one loves, the more active one will be.


Some people do not find their heart until they lose their heart.

Quotes about Love for Her

Quotes about Love for her

A man who loves forgets himself. A woman who loves forgets the other women.


A man who loves forgets himself. A woman who loves forgets the other women.


To forget someone means to think of him.


To love somebody is the only one to see a miracle invisible to the others.


Love is a composition in which the breaks are just as important as the music.


Love: An equation with two unknowns.

Love is as unproblematic as a vehicle. The only problem is the drivers, the passengers and the road.


Love: think of someone without thinking.


Love is one-eyed, but hatred is completely blind.


It’s not common to love what you own.


Everything that love waits for is the opportunity.


Love is a mild mental illness that can often be healed quickly through marriage.

Deep Quotes about Love for Her

The most beautiful monument that a human being can get is in the hearts of others.


The best proof of love is trust.


The kisses are the change of love.


Love is agony, lovelessness is death.


Not the perfect, but the imperfect need our love.


He doubts that the stars are fire, he doubts that the sun moves, he doubts whether the truth is a liar, but never doubts my love.

Deep Quotes about Love for Him

Deep quotes about love for him

Wherever you are, it’s my home, my only home.


As I saw you I fell in love. And you smile because you know it.


I love you terribly. If a flower blossoms every time I think of you, every desert would be full of it.


She said I love you and I said I love you. She always said and I always said.


I love you, you love me, this is what my heart wants; you love me, I love you, this is true happiness.


Who ever loved that he did not love at first glance?

Deep Quotes about Love for Him

quotes about love

Anyone who has ever loved brings a scar.


I will follow you, wherever you go, and I will make hell a paradise if I die by the hand of those I adore.


He will never understand anyone how much love I used to even look at you in the eye.


To die without being loved by you is the torment of hell.


One of your eyes, one of your words, tells me more than all the wisdom of this world.


I love her and this is the beginning and the end of everything.

Deep quotes about love
Deep quotes about love

Does not love you who love tells you, but loves you who looks and keeps silent.


You do not look like anymore since I love you.


I can not have you, but since I love you, I can be there.


If I love you so badly, it’s because I love you too much.


Since I love you my loneliness begins two steps away from you.


The madman, the lover and the poet are not composed of fantasy.

quotes about love
quotes about love

When you love not reasons and when you do not love reasons.


Those who sin by love do not sin at all.


Those who live of love live forever.


Love consists in being idiots together.


I hear your voice vibrating in all the sounds of the world.


Love is invisible, enters and exits where it wants without anyone asking what it is doing.


If they do not love you the way you want them, what does it matter that they love you?

love quotes for her
love quotes for her

True love does not wait to be invited, it is offered first.


I love you for all the women I did not know.


Calm cannot be in love, because what has been achieved is always and only a new starting point to desire more.

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