Top Inspirational Hijab Quotes and Sayings With Images

Hijab Quotes and Sayings With Images : Hijab is one of the types of dressing style which most people talk about.  Some have a positive reaction about Hijab, Some even think that Muslim Men enforce Muslim Women to wear Hijab. Some even go to the limits to say that women wearing a Hijab or a head scarf, it is a sign that the women are oppressed.

It’s not like that you’d require to cover full body, from head to toe, without showing an inch of your skin. Hijab means you just need to dress, think, walk, gaze with utmost modesty. According to the Quran, Humanity is created in a pair, it means you don’t need to reveal the intimates with anyone except your other half. One of the most necessary parts of the Women’s beauty is their hair, and that is the reason why wearing Hijab also covers Head so that Men can only see what women allow Men too.[Hijab Quotes]

Women wearing a hijab is just like a pearl, in its protective shell.  One can only be able to imagine what beauty is hidden in the Hijab. And that too, for the sake of Almighty. You cannot Judge books with their cover, Same goes to Women wearing Hijab, No one will be able Judge Women wearing Hijab.[Hijab Quotes with images]

Hijab is not only for Women, but it is also for Men, and the big chunk of Men’s Hijab is to lower the gaze. Allow themselves to see only what is meant for them, and forbidding their eyes to see improper objects. Men should also consider changing the way we talk, walk and think to more a gentlemen like way, so they can follow the Hijab way of living. All Hijab asks from Men is, to be a more of a Gentlemen.  And from Women, Asks to be a Lady who respects their own body and show only to those who deserves it.


Top Inspirational Hijab Quotes and Sayings With Images


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Top Inspirational Hijab Quotes and Sayings With Images