Top Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images

Happy Birthday, Mom Quotes: Your mom is a special person in your life. Only the mother carries a baby for nine months near her heart and then she goes hand in hand with us in life. Mom can assist in difficult times, she looks forward to seeing the moments of happiness, and she becomes the guardian of your puzzles and secrets. Only the mother is genuinely happy with your success and she always worried about your misfortune. Mama’s birthday is a special day. It means that the angel came to you to protect you. It does not matter how old your mother is and how often do you meet with Mom, she will be happy to receive your birthday wishes. Make this holiday even more special for you and send these gentle and loving sayings and wishes for her birthday.

Whether you write the birthday sayings on a card or send a message, the mother will be glad to get your attention. For your attention, a collection of “Top Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images” is presented. Express your love and gratitude through these touching birthday sayings.

Top Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images

Happy Birthday mom

Dear mum! Today we celebrate the day of your birth, the most important day in my life, because without this day, I would not have today. I thank you very much for this wonderful gift and hope that I have you many, many years! Your little daughter.


Happy Birthday to my mother … the woman who has sacrificed many precious moments in her life so that I could have her in mine.


Dear mother! May all your wishes be fulfilled, to envelop you in the future the most beautiful moments. Your daughter!


The great memories of my childhood have become my shadow. They follow me wherever I go, and I hope it never stops being that way. Happy Birthday Mom.


You are my role model, my love, my shoulder, my hope, my safety, you are my mother. Happy Birthday Mom.


Dear, Best and Greatest Mom, Today is your birthday and I congratulate you wholeheartedly. I wish you peace in life and a cake full of candles. Always carry your wisdom and your courage in you, then you will experience many beautiful days, like this with me!


When you told me what to do, I thought you had killed me. But in retrospect, I realize that you actually gave me wings. Happy Birthday mom.


In some situations in life I did not know what to do, but you were always there. No one has shaped me like you. Happy Birthday my beloved mother.


Dear mother, the day of your birth is today, I wish you all the best and also a lot of joy. For your planned, big party, many presents and nice guests. May all your wishes be fulfilled, to envelop you in the future the most beautiful moments. Your daughter!


No matter where you are, no matter what you do … house will always be where your mother is. I believe that, happy birthday ma.

Happy Birthday mom quotes

I wish that you will encounter many miracles and become visible on your further journey!


Dear mother! I wish you happiness and blessings on all your life’s journey.


Celebrate every birthday as if it were the last and consider that love is the only gift that is really worth the effort to give.


Roses are scattered in your life abundantly on the way, should shining around you, for the birthday of happiness and joy.


I wish your happiness to be renewed every day, that a good deed would delight you every hour!


Birthdays are the days when you saw what you saw, what you rated, what you rated and what you expect, full of good hope.


Today is a day of good humor that he will be so beautiful, you certainly did not even dream. For you, our all sunshine, shall be the center of your day of honor today.


Happy Birthday mom Quotes
Happy Birthday Mom Quotes

Dear Mum, you will remain, what you are not yet, what you already are, in this abiding and in this becoming everything lies beautiful here on earth.


I wish that you will encounter many miracles and become visible on your further journey! Happy Birthday!


Health and contentment, along with everything else that pleases you, a long life on top of everything, everything should be yours.


Do you mean that you are special only today, only today, when you have your birthday? No, you are wrong! You are special every day and every moment! Happy birthday and all the love!


Dear Mom, you should be honored today, because I simply like you without limit. You give me a hold, you are always there, and one thing is clear as day: You have my thanks and much more, I love you and very much!

Happy Birthday Mom

Nobody else is as happy as I am, because I have a mom as brilliant as you. Happy Birthday Mom.


You are always there for me, take care of me on all days. That’s why I want to thank you today for that!


All the flowers on earth today are not enough for you. Even though I’m getting bigger, you’re always the mother to me.


Our thoughts are with you with a warm birthday greeting and the best wishes for your future life.


There are 7 wonders of the world, 6 continents, 5 corners of the pentagon, 4 leaves on clover, 3 oceans, 2 eyes … but you, dear mom, only exist once.” Happy Birthday mom”


Dear mother, you are the most beautiful, the smartest and best for us, so we wish you good luck for your birthday, good health and a great new year.


The family is important to you, you have always shown us. That’s why today I am the first to bow to you. Yes, your heart, it is so great, your love boundless. We all wish you happy birthday, because you are our dear mother, we are all here.


You are the most beautiful for us. For us you are the smartest. You are the best for us. And not just on your birthday, Mom! We wish you all the best!


Many candles on the cake, all are in a good mood today, because we celebrate our mother, that everyone is just so astonished. Good mood, beautiful things, everything is ready for you, let’s press you today, because it makes us so happy for you!


You are there for us daily, give us love, year after year. Give your best without rest, ‘gives it security. Therefore today we dare to say “thank you”.


Today is your birthday. Today you can be selfish. Today, the world revolves around you. Today, all worries are left aside. Congratulations and have fun!


For our birthday, we thank you for everything you have given us. We congratulate you, wish you a long life.


A warm birthday greeting should tell you that we are indeed far away, but still thinking of you.

Happy Birthday mom Wishes
Happy Birthday mom Wishes

Mom, your whole life, your prayers have always been for our happiness. Today is my prayer for you. Happy Birthday Mom.


Live happily, live serenely, live on in health, live many more years: Dear mother, live high!


Like how the flowers get a new lease of life in the spring, you are the one who has fixed my broken wings. Happy Birthday Mom.


Dear Mom, today is the big day to show you how much everyone likes you. You are important to us, we love you more every day. You always wanted the best for us, you renounced much despite our protests. In short, we love you, stay the way you are.


Whenever I think about you, I can only see your smile. Today I send you presents, let it happen to you!


On this day the sun should laugh, only joy I want to make you today. My heart always belongs to you, because you have always been my greatest happiness.


Dear mother, stay pretty healthy! I also always want to be kind, that you`re happy day in day out. Bake a small chick, so invite you dear guests.


Mom, I always thought that your expectations of me were annoying sky high. But now I realize that your sacrifices that you made were so much higher. Happy Birthday ma.


I will paint a picture like in the past as a child, a drawing that shows how happy we are. A painting so unique and beautiful, as a birthday greeting and thank you. But how should I paint my thoughts? Not so easy to anchor a word. A picture that says: I love you. For once I have a heart for you and me.


We wish you a happy birthday, may your cheerfulness always be preserved. Also in the next year of life you should be healthy and happy!


You are the best mom in the world and yet no one calls you a hero. Nevertheless, all of you wish the very best for your honorary celebration today! Happy birthday Mom.


You are the most beautiful for us. For us you are the smartest. You are the best for us. MUMMY! All the best for your birthday!


Today I think, honey, only to you. I wish you at all times: may God always accompany you. Happy Birthday!


Mom, come out of the kitchen, today’s only birthday sayings!


On one day every year, I realize time and again that I rarely tell you how much I like you as a mom. Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday of the woman that I can never allow to touch any of my things. Ironically, she’s also the one I always ask when I can not find some of my things.

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images

Today I want to congratulate the dearest, most honest, the most amazing and most empathetic people in the world on a very special birthday.


Happy Birthday Mom, I wish you today, everything that pleases your heart. Much health and happiness!


I wish you happiness and happiness, the sun should laugh at you! As good as I can and always I want to give you pleasure. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images
Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images

Mom, sometimes I do not like you. But do not let my moods make you feel that I do not love you. Happy Birthday.


Dear Mom, without you life would not be so nice. Because you show us what love is and are still very neat.


Poems For Mom’s Birthday

Dear Mom, you are always there for me, no matter what and what was. You do so much for me. Mama I Love You!


Dear Mom, it’s that time again. Everything is ready for your cradle party. Coffee, cake and gifts too. That’s the custom here. Could not you be with us, life would not be fine. You have endlessly given us love. We wish you a long life.


I wholeheartedly wish you all the best for the Weigh Festival, and besides – that is very clear! – a nice new year.


If I have to choose a mom, my choice was just for you. Because you are the best mum who can give it to me.


You have given my life to me, cared for me and never hurt. Happt Birthday mom…!!


Have comforted me in the night, always mindful of your love. I feel secure with you, Mom, thank you for that!


Lucky once ordered for me the best mum in the world! I will never give you back, because I love you too much!


My mom, that’s as clear as day, is already … year! I’m happy with you and congratulations very firmly, of course I wish you the best! Stay the way you are and always be cheerful, life will continue for a long time!


Dear Mom, it’s that time again. Everything is ready for your cradle party. Coffee, cakes and gifts that’s the custom here. Could not you be with us, life would not be fine. You have endlessly given us love. We wish you a long life.

Happy Birthday mom

Your birthday is a reason to celebrate, with all those who are important to you. It is an opportunity to tell you: I am and always will be your child.


Dear mum, happy birthday. All the best and good luck.


Mom you are my best friend and closest confidante. I can not be happier than having your mother. Congratulations!


There is only one mum in the world and I have the best, so I wish you all the best for your cradle party.


Cheerful days, little plague, many joys and little suffering – I wish you Mum for a birthday today!


Dear Mom, I wish you all the birthday wishes, let yourself be pampered today!


When people say we look like sisters I’ll let you bathe in the compliment for a while before I freak out. And all because today is your birthday.


Today is your birthday, you should be happy and funny. A kiss on the cheek, I wish you good luck and sunshine!


Mother, I wish you good luck today and a lot of joy. Stay healthy in all days, that’s what I wanted to tell you today.


Nobody can love me anymore, nobody can understand me better. Nobody can inspire me anymore, no one can hug me tight. Happy Birthday Mom.


My MAMA means to me: M how brave as a lion you are! A like everything is possible with you! M how to just like you! and A like happy birthday, dearest mom!


Always stay happy, healthy and cheerful! Happy Birthday, dear mother!


A perfect mother, is a woman who is just like my mother. Happy Birthday.


The mom has to be celebrated, she is the best woman on earth. Happy Birthday to you mom!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images

Whoever smiles three times in the morning, never frowns at noon, sings in the evening that everything sounds, becomes one hundred years old.


Mom, with you, I always know that I have you on my side. Thank you and Happy Birthday!


Happy birthday Mum. Thank you for being with us!


May your eyes always be free of tears, which is what I wish for as your birthday comes. Love you ma.


I wish you to your feast only to remain faithful, that’s the best.


Mom, I became me because of you. I love you so much mom can not see you Happy Birthday.

Happy birthday mom Quotes | 60th birthday mom

Every one of us likes you, that’s why we enjoy your honor day today. Today you are inviting to your 60th cradle party, our mom is the very best anyway. Over coffee, cake, tea and a glass of wine, let us all be happy today.


Trara trara – the 60 is here. Make a wish of all the best for this special cradle party.


Today is a beautiful day everyone likes to celebrate with you. Because you are a special woman, are pretty and sweet and very smart.


I sincerely wish you all the best for the 60th birthday, good health, happiness and the joy of life that you radiate.


60 years you have already made times full of concern but also full of friends and happiness. We wish you much strength for the next years. We will always stand by your side.


Enjoy the freedom and stay healthy, enjoy your life hour by hour. Stay cheerful, happy and cheerful, and continue to live your life happily.


For the 60th birthday all the love from me! Remain so happy and enrich our lives.


Dear mum, wish you all the best love, good health and luck later on in your birthday. Hope you have let yourself be pampered.


The world is big, but without you she would not be so warm. The day is yours and also the night it is celebrated and laughed.


Congratulations, Mom! I do not even know where to start describing how you have always made me feel that I am something very special.


“Happy birthday mom Quotes” | 50th birthday mom

Every year comes the big day, when you sing happy songs and do not be afraid to plague. High you are to live today, go forward your gaze. A new, eager pursuit and no senses at Back. Happy 50th Birthday!


Not long will I choose my wishes, modestly I wish two things: You should still count fifty such years and always I am there!


No matter how you see the 50 today. I admire you for doing what you love. The 50 is nothing that scares you. Your life just gives you a kiss.


Dear mother, one thing is clear, you are turning 50 today. YOU have given me so much and today you are to celebrate. Drum, I say dear mom, I hope YOU will be 100 years. Today it’s all about you, that’s what the DU tells you from the poem.


50 birthday wishes for the mom, who come not only from the dad, but also from your children, because they love you no less.


In life you have always provided me with a protective hand. The worries you have taken from me I have always got love. For the 50th I want to tell you I could never complain. Because the best mom in the world had been ordered for me.


Mom, we’ve been fighting a lot, but I promise that beneath the surface of my rants is a bottomless ocean of love for you. Happy Birthday Mom.

Five times the ten do not let you go anymore. Mom, you are the biggest thing for me to be with you is really the best!


When I was not true to myself, they told me to listen to my heart while others forced me to do things I never wanted. Thank you mum.


Dear mother, I wish you to be so nice and sensible for the next fifties.

“Happy birthday mom Quotes” | 80th birthday mom

In 80 years of life was not always easy. Drum I wish you new year, that everything will be very wonderful.


80 steps on the life ladder. I wish you, you continue to climb them for a long time.


Heartfelt love for the 80th birthday! That many more birthdays may follow.


For the 80th birthday you should celebrate. I wish it will last a long time as part of my life.


Life is not perfect, but I agree. If fate can give me a mom as great as you, I already know that I am happier than anyone else out there.


Every year with you was wonderful, that’s going to be so clear to me, you can definitely do the 100 years. Happy Birthday Mom.


You have been given 80 years, you have been guided by God. We say thank you for this time and wish you continued satisfaction.


Congratulations on your 80th birthday! May many birthdays follow.


Happy 80th birthday and a great time with children, grandchildren and grandchildren.


Today is to be your lucky day, and everyone is ready to celebrate. We wish you 80’s health, happiness and all the best!

Happy Birthday Mom Quotes and Wishes With Images


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