[Jan Update] 150+ Best Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

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Best Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

A woman, for her husband, is in all times her most gentle support.

Few men know how to appreciate the woman they possess, and to unite with her heart.

To love her husband, to have sweetness for him, these are the duties of a loving woman.

Wives, love your husbands, if you can, but try, if you are mad, to have fun.

There is no worse company for an honest woman than a libertine husband.

The best woman in the world not to tire her husband is made children by others.

When a couple walks around looking bored, do not look, it’s husband and wife.

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

A woman who is a little skillful always finishes by making her husband do what she likes.

Many husbands deceive their wives, almost all women deceive their husbands.

Poor women need common sense to live with a husband and children!

A married woman must live with her husband as a mistress lives with her lover.

Women get tired faster of a lover than a husband.

Women always have as their lover the friend of the husband or the husband of the friend.

A woman and her husband must not hide anything, have no secrets from each other.

If my wife is to be a widow someday, I’d rather be alive.

The love that must husband and wife unite them must also keep them together.

Between husband and wife, there is only one rule “LOVE”.

It is said that in a couple there is always one who loves more than the other, I would have preferred that it was not me.

But in a couple it is not enough to speak, it is necessary to understand each other.

The couple dies when the child appears.

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

A couple is really only a couple if he is sweating.

Just as he can not live without oxygen, man can not live without a wife.

Between Husband and Wife, friendship always has something Called LOVE.

The Husband is made to give, and the Wife to receive.

Men tell women everything they like, women make men whatever they want.

The man enjoys the happiness he feels, the woman enjoys the happiness it provides.

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

Man and woman, none of them can live without the indispensable help of the other.

Three kinds of men do not understand women: young people, old people and those in between.

Married couples who love each other say a thousand things without saying a word.

The woman never sees what is done for her; she sees only what one does not do.

If women knew how much they regret, they would leave faster.

Man and woman, each is complementary to the other.

When a man watches a woman, he has something to hide from him.

Love gives women spirit and removes it from men.

Man wants every woman to feel for himself the feelings he feels for all.

What would the woman do without the man?
She would train another animal.

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Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

A woman who deceives her husband to avenge the infidelities that she reproaches him punishes herself much more than she takes revenge. It does not stop the evil of which it complains, and very often it adds to the authority of the master that it already has, the domination of another master who despises and deceives it in turn.

A woman who wants to keep her husband, and where her lover, must constantly vary her means of pleasing; it has come to the point of being unable to love the same person for a long time, unless it has the secret of not being always the same, and this is one of the sad advantages which the corruption of manners art on nature, and coquetry on virtue.

The sympathy between the two bodies is all the greater as their opposite electricity is more pronounced. There are some, such as potassium and oxygen, that can not be brought into contact without uniting immediately. Some men are to certain women, and all men are to all women, in certain circumstances what oxygen is to potassium.

Very First education of a woman is important, no doubt, but her real education, the one that influences good or bad on her life, is the second, which is given to her by her entourage, by her husband.

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

If a married couple put a penny in a pot each time they made love in the first year, and then took a penny each time after that, they would never be able to use up every cent collected.

We measure the happiness of a couple in their photos, and the photos are taken during the holidays; without vacation photos, we could never prove we were happy.

Man and woman form in two bodies only one unity, and the children who proceed from them are in reality only an extension, a continuation of their common being; they live again in them, and by successive generations, perpetuate themselves indefinitely.

The relationship that belongs to us for almost 6 months is the most beautiful thing that happened to me in my young life. And it is to preserve and keep it always that I have so often postponed our appointments, and that even at the risk of losing you. But today I realize how important my feelings have been to you, and I want to tell you more and prove it to you. I’m still thinking of you, and I love you.

If you have no relationship with nature then you will not have a relationship with the man. The fields, the forests, the rivers, the trees, all the wonders and beauties of the earth, is Nature. If it does not matter to you then we will never be able to relate to each other.

We still believe that some relationships are so strong that they can resist anything, but that’s not true. The fading confidence, the weariness, the bad choices, the deceitful suns of seduction, the hot voice of the dirty idiots, the long legs of dirty corners, the injustices of fate: everything contributes to killing love. In this kind of unequal combat, the chances of victory are slim and are more of the exception than the rule.

Every couple is a space of mutations infinitely fertile. It is a crucible of upsetting changes, surprising evolutions that none of the protagonists come out without scars or revelations of the worst and the best of its possibilities.

To divorce, to break a couple is always to decide in oneself, in sharpness. We must be sure that the good we draw from it is greater than the harm we are going to suffer. Sometimes trees with too many branches die. And we must also think of the other, the others. To all those whom these branches protected.

In relation, we often stubbornly establish symptomatic links that do not respect the transformations and the reality of our state. We then try to change ourselves for the other; we do anything and everything to be loved. The low self-esteem that drives us to diminish is often at the center of this type of relationship and the center of impossible love.

Between men and women, there are only two relations: logic or war. Always ask for proof, the proof is the elementary politeness that we must. If you refuse, remember that you are attacked and that we will make you obey by all means.

Love steals from lovers hours they do not spend together: separated, we no longer live, we wait to live. Absence is arsenic: a little strengthens love, many kill it. The best day is the day before.

Relations without friendship, friendship without power, power without the will, will without action, action without profit, profit without virtue, are not worth a penny.

Poor lover, I pity you who do not yet know that although a beauty deserves to be adored, to lose its taste, one has only to marry it.

Living as a couple in the long term means learning to create and to live a personal intimacy – recognized by the other – and a shared intimacy – respected by everyone.

Walking with two companions, both will be my masters: I choose their good sides and imitate them, and I try to correct in myself the defects that I observe in them.

If a married couple put a penny in a pot each time they made love in the first year, and then took a penny off each time after that, they would never be able to use up every cent collected.

We measure the happiness of a couple in their photos, and the photos are taken during the holidays; without holiday pictures, we could never prove we were happy.

There will always be a quivering couple for whom that morning will be the first dawn. There will always be water, wind, light; nothing happens after all except the passer-by.

Are you a happy couple? – Yes. – How do you do? – I am totally hollow and superficial, I have no opinion. – Ah … and you found yourself. – Yes.

All women have a lover one day or another because all women have the right to be a little themselves, without being subjected to the silent tyranny of theirs.

As long as they are only lovers we are sovereign, And until the conquest, they treat us queens, But after the marriage, they are kings in their turn.

To know women without being a lover, it is as if a fisherman, having walked his line on the river, imagined he knew the fish.

The wisdom knows that the relationship changes over time, the courage knows when it’s time to change the relationship.

The relationship between a lover and his beloved has the same concept as that between technology and the physical law … do you see the exchange?

Latest Marriage Quotes Sayings

Latest Marriage Quotes Sayings

One is not completely man until one ignores the woman.

The happy couple who recognize themselves in love, defeat the universe and time, it is sufficient, it realizes the absolute.

The happiness of man is; I want: the happiness of the woman is; he wants.

The woman in marriage is not the servant of the man, she is even less his slave. She is the companion of man, his help, the bones of his bones, the flesh of his flesh.

When they love us, they do not really like us. But it’s us, one fine morning, that they do not like anymore.

Loving yourself and being loved by you is the greatest gift that life has given me.

I hope we continue being young together with our crazy things, until finally dying of old, always together.

I do not know if I live to think about you or if I think of you in order to live.

I lived together, no one can take it from us.

Every gentleman knows that the love of his life will always be two women: One who gave his life and the other who gave him meaning you.

I would not change a single one of the many mistakes I’ve made in my life to get where I am, here with you. And in the end, I would always end up choosing you.

I know that I love you because you have occupied a place within me that nobody else can occupy.

Even though I had to accept some gray clouds for you, you brought me heaven. Although I had to accept some thorns for you, I have you my rose.

It took millions of years for man to learn that a woman is not a beast!

Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

The man is a mystery for the woman, the woman an enigma for the man.

Intimacy is about being able to put dreams and projects into the possibilities of the other, with the hope of being able to bring some together.

In a relationship, you have to be really ready for anything. Happiness is so quickly arrived.
In the romance of lovers, I leaf through your lips.

Melancholy is the illustrious companion of beauty. She is so good that I can not conceive any beauty that does not carry with it its sadness.

The images have a more symbolic relationship than representational with the mathematical ideas considered.
A relationship is a flower that we love to pick ourselves.

The lover of heart, tell yourself that it is the poison of our existence. This is the weak point of all women. This is the man we chose to pass the time … and that makes you waste the time you spend with him!

A serious lover, he is not a lover!

That the husband puts himself a little in the place of the lover … since the lover puts himself in the place of the husband!

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes with Images

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes with Images

If I want a lover I take it, if he wants to boast, he will break his teeth.

We do not deceive a lover, we simply change.

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes with Images

Gender relations can only be reciprocal.

The madness of lovers is the sweetest of all madnesses.

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes with Images

All the honor of a lover is to be a faithful lover.

Two lovers separated by a slight offense Retreat at a glance in full intelligence.

150+ Best Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

Every new relationship is a new novel.

If your lovers are boring you, get married, it will give them a spice.

Each relationship feeds strength or weakness into you.

The true lover, it is the one who a slight caress on the hair, a simple smile or even a look lost in the wave makes you capsize happiness.

150+ Best Husband Wife Understanding Quotes

A relationship is a mirror in which you can discover yourself.

The relationship is a mirror in which we can see each other, not as I would like to be, but as I am.

The husband does the couple, the wife makes the family.

A childless couple has only the present, but the future does not belong to them.

Life in a relationship is a natural value, fidelity is a moral value, infidelity is natural immorality.

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes

Husband Wife Relationship Quotes

But in a couple it is not enough to speak, it is necessary to understand each other.

The couple dies when the child appears.

A couple is really only a couple if he is sweating.

A couple, unless of great love, it becomes twice itself, and it is unbearable.

The couple, what a nasty word.

To frame a couple is to be one; which one should be?

In a couple there is only one thing worse than the lie, it is the franchise.

Moreover, the life of a couple serves only to wait for a better tip the tip of his nose.

Luckily I DO NOT marry a person I can live with, I married that person because I CAN NOT live without her.

You see my defects only as defects and I see yours as another reason to love yourself more every day.

I know that with you I do not have everything I want, but you make everything I have about me.

You are the only person for whom I have complicated my life and it has been well worth it.

Guy, she loves me! I am a couple now.

Couple life has become business management; we want there to be love in it and I wonder if it’s not a piece that comes from another puzzle.

The sexual misunderstanding of a couple is never trivial.

The glad couple who touch themselves in LOVE defy, the universe and the period; he is enough, he realizes the unqualified.

In a couple, perhaps the important imitate is not to the sore spot to make the added glad, it is to make oneself happy and to pay for that happiness to the other.

The couple is based on a fusion myth. As if we were one. While we are definitely two.

The couple is a meeting of two people who rarely do the pair.

Couple dialogue: SHE: I feel so alone! …HE: Me, not enough.

The life of a couple is based on a lure, aggression. It is for each of the two accomplices to take possession of the other, to take up a challenge: “How to change it? How to make it become me?”

No husband, no couple, no family. How can we be two, why are not we everyone?

The same age for a couple is a gap that does not catch up.

The insolent spectacle of a couple who knows each other at twenty, loves each other, admits it, repeats itself and dies happily most people’s bitterness.

The real relationship has no friends and is self-satisfactory.

In a couple, at least one must be faithful, preferably the other.

To build a couple, you have to be four: a man plus his share of femininity, a woman plus his share of masculinity.

The couple, in the mechanical sense of the word: the system of parallel forces and opposite senses.

Terrible couple: life shakes, death laughs.

The couple is another person at close range. To choose is to engage oneself.

Two people to make a happy couple is not enough.

The couple is the place of life subtracted. Passion is the place of divided life.

Lovers, make yourself more and more enjoyable.

A true relationship is one that is not dominated by the ego. There are vigilant attention, presence, and openness towards the other person, without wanting anything. This is required for a relationship to be genuine.

The most difficult thing in a couple’s life is to dare to live fully to three. You, me and the relationship that connects us and magnifies us.